What is the Girls LEAD Act?

The Girls LEAD Act is a bipartisan policy proposal that recognizes and promotes girls’ civic and political leadership as a priority in U.S. foreign assistance, particularly in efforts to promote and build strong democracies and good governance.

Why the Girls LEAD Act is Critical to a Strong Future

Gender equality and women’s and girls’ empowerment have been linked to healthy democracies, sustainable development, economic growth, and global stability. However, unequal access to resources and opportunities prevents girls from reaching their full potential as leaders in civic and political spaces. Involving girls in decision- making processes on all levels – from local school boards to national policy-making bodies – is important to bringing girls’ issues to the forefront of decision -making, creating informed citizens, and fostering resilient democracies. The Girls LEAD Act encourages uplifting girls by creating a U.S. foreign policy focus on strategies, programming, and reporting on girls’ civic and political leadership.

Learn More About the Girls LEAD Act

Girls LEAD Act Bill Text

Girls LEAD Act Fact Sheet

Girls LEAD Act Policy Brief

Take Action to Support the Girls LEAD Act

You can help get the Girls LEAD Act passed by taking action!:

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Mobilize support

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